Being already 34, having butterflies in the stomach is getting rarer and rarer once you age. But now they are back in full force, like in my teens. Tomorrow my RTW, round the world, trip starts. I’ve been planning this whole spring and summer, sold everything I can turn into cash. Doing this long trip just during summer vacation simply isn’t realistic, but now, I have one full year time ahead. The trip itself probably will not last so long, but least the RTW-flight tickets would permit it.

My route goes like this: Helsinki –fly–> Cairo, Egypt –fly–> Nairobi, Kenya –on land–> Cape Town, South Africa –fly–> Kathmandu, Nepal –fly–> Tokyo, Japan –fly–> Los Angeles, USA –on land–> New York –fly–> Santiago, Chile –on land–> Sao Paulo, Brazil –fly–> Europe. Thats it! Besides the trip, I decided to have two other themes for it as well. First is trying to take all the photos from the trip with my digital rangefinder, not that easy and convenient as p&s cameras. Second, jump strait into CouchSurfing community and meet locals in destination cities and on road. NEVER done anything like this before, so, yeah, butterflies… 🙂

@ Finland