New York, New York

Visiting NYC in early Spring 2011.

March 1. 2011 — Am standing in Ground Zero where WTC buildings once stood. It’s soon 10 years after Nine-Eleven attacks. Many remember what they were doing on that day. I was late at work, as just graduated young engineer should. Colleague had already left for the day and had TV on at home, when news started to unfold. He called me and I started following events as well. From the magnitude of broadcasting and the seriousness of peoples voices it was clear that world changing events were happening. Now a decade after, there is still a big construction yard at that same place. @ NYC

March 6. 2011 — Been now a week in Big Apple. Had high expectations before coming, and city hasn’t failed on me. Its energetic tempo on is spellbinding. Its no coincidence so many companies are headquartered here. Individuals and organizations who want to be present somewhere, choose to be present in NYC. Like Sinatra sing: if you make it here, you make it anywhere. @ NYC

City had bad reputation in -70’s and -80’s during reign of gang violence

March 11. 2011 — It’s midnight, Atlantic wind and rain is blasting my room windows and storm is roaring in the corners. @ NYC

Grand Central Station

City skyline from top of Rockefeller Building is magnificent. Viewer can awe other famous skyscrapers like Chrysler and Empire State buildings, see Hudson river and Central Park.

March 13. 2011 — Last full day in NYC. Had an interesting trip to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. In the morning queues to ferry were long in the chilling spring winds. Imagine what those are on busiest summer months! Audio tour on islands was informative and touching, especially interviews of immigrants recorded in 1980’s. Size of Lady Liberty surprised when seen in real life. Not long after it was built, great waves of immigration started from Europe to Americas (from 1880’s until 1920’s). Statue has evoked emotions in millions for whom it was first thing they saw after long ocean journey. On halls of Ellis Island people were given medical check, papers were checked and finally a pass to new world was given. If everything wasn’t ok, person had come all the way for nothing and were turned back. If planning to visit the islands, one should reserve full day, and try go as early as possible. There is plenty of fascinating things to see and read + queues are often long. @ NYC

Chinatown. “Chinese will eat everything with four legs except the table”