Cuban Yank Tanks

This post is part of series documenting travel in Myanmar, Cuba and Iran: Introduction.



Everyone who’s been in Cuba, and also many who hasn’t, knows the old American cars from -50’s are trademarks of Cuban street scene.



Some are serviced and polished vehicles to drive the tourists in Havana city tours. Long lines attracting customers are parked in front of luxury Hotel Inglaterra every day. However majority of cars are not that great condition. These are noisy, smoky and in need of patching here and there. Sometimes original engine is changed to Soviet made diesel. Locals use them often as share taxis, Uber in Cuban style if you like!



Outside world these cars can be seen in vintage motor shows, a wedding or some similar event vehicles, and in a motor hobby scene. In Cuba these cars are still in service as every day vehicles, they are everywhere. Its a bit surreal feeling at first, but after couple days one gets adjusted and relate them just like locals do.



Besides old cars, much of Cuba still also moves with one horse power only. Horse carriages can be easily spotted on city streets as well as countryside.


And, fields are often plowed using bull power…



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