“phu chi fa”

Two Years in Thailand, in Ten (plus) Photos

Back in November 2012, I was escaping the rains and cold of Europe to a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. Guess my plan was to spend a winter here and return to check job markets in Spring. Little did I know then that trip would last this long, today is my last day of that journey. I lived and worked in Chiangmai, north Thailand and kept the camera clicking as much as I had energy and inspiration. Bellow are some that I consider reflecting the experience and life best.

Chiangmai is characterised by a large mountain called Doi Suthep. Mountain is a natural park, has two interesting hill tribe villages, and a monastery with beautiful views to surrounding region. Here’s city seen from the top of mountain.

Happy seller, tired seller.

“I really like this Ranger’s shirt”

Celebrating the birthday Thailands revered old King is one of big occasions in December.

Central west of Thailand. The bridge over river Kwai, built by Japanese during the war, and using forced labor.

Another view of river Kwai bridge.

Yellow shirt street protest in Democracy Monument, Bangkok. Military coup would follow the months long clash between red and yellow shirts in 2014.

Monks and the White Temple of Chiang Rai.

Large python of Black House, Chiang Rai. I almost stumble on its head, while not paying attention of what’s on ground.

Ten pictures… couple more since we are at it 🙂

Another reptile I would stepped on (with flip flops), unless warned by a friend.

Fortune teller, and listener. Chiangmai Chinatown.

“We work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard…”

Rice paddies…

and worker. Rice planting is actually back breaking hard work, but smile never disappear from Thai’s.

Working on rice paddies is dirty job.

Hill tribe games, spectators.

Hill tribe games, players.

Hill tribe games, impact.

I call this shot Horse Muay Thai. Horse Thai boxing!

Anything is possible in Chinatown.

Violin player, and young admirer. Chiangmai Saturday street. Saturday and Sunday streets are every week occurrence in downtown. Its mainly geared towards tourists, but are lively sight also for locals.

Selfies on Sunday Street.

Long corridor in Phanom Rung. An old Khmer ruin in central east of Thailand, near Cambodian border. Prasat Phnom Rung, was an important Khmer city on the road between Angkor and Phimai, during the reign of Khmer Empire (802–1431 ad). Corridor was possibly used by Khmer royals during religious ritual’s.

North Thailand offers some beautiful mountain and valley vistas, especially captivating during sun rise and set. Two photographers in Phu Chi Fa.

Phu Chi Fa.

Obviously, just a brief glimpse of what all is there. Everyone should go visit central and north Thailand as well, not head just beaches in south!